Build beautiful charts in your SwiftUI apps

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Apple introduced SwiftUI in 2019 as a lightweight and easy-to-use way to create user interfaces. This article series will explore how the SwiftUI framework can help us build clean, simple, and stunning data visualization tools, starting with the radar chart.

What Is a Radar Chart?

A radar chart (also known as a web chart, spider…

Add out-of-sync protection to your wrapper objects.

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Since the birth of Swift’s property wrappers, I have seen numerous articles discussing how to create a wrapped variable that can persist itself to the UserDefaults sector. While many of the code examples suffice for the simplest case, I’ve still had some questions gnawing at the back of my head.

How can we use Monte Carlo simulations to evaluate risks and rewards?

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Some problems are impossible to know the exact answer to. They involve random variables that aren’t guaranteed to have the same value every time, which ruins our chances of drawing conclusions with certainty. When we find ourselves in such situations, we turn to probabilistic theories for help. …

Jimmy M Andersson

Data Scientist | Software Engineer | Author

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